Our Unique Nordic Tent Rentals

Why You’ll Love our Nordic Tent Rentals

We believe that partying in the outdoors is pretty much as good as it gets. Our event tents offer a stylish solution for sheltering you and your guests. Made from canvas and wood, they are visually stunning from the outside and exceptionally atmospheric and inviting once inside. The natural beauty of our party rentals make the perfect complement for an outdoor setting, whether it is snow-capped mountains or a sun soaked beach.

Where can you use our Nordic Tent Rentals?

The tents can be set up pretty much anywhere a standard rental tent can go. However, the versatile design of these Nordic tents allow for several different layout configurations offering incredible flexibility to fit the available space or unique event design. See our Layout Plans for more spatial information of our tent rentals.

How can you customize the Nordic tent rentals?

Our Nordic tents can be constructed to create a single large covered area or set up individually to create unique environments. Additionally, the sides of the tent can be totally or partially raised or lowered depending on the atmosphere you want to create. In the summer, we can raise all the sides to create an airy covered area perfect for hotter days. In winter, the sides can be lowered and the tents heated, making the perfect cozy escape for you and your guests. No other rental tent can offer this kind of flexibility for weddings, parties, or events. Please see our Floor Plans for examples of how the tents can be configured, dimensions and guests accommodated.

What are Nordic tents?

Our tents originate from Sweden and were inspired by the Sami people of Northern Europe who used these traditional ‘Kåtas’ as their home. The tents are exceptionally well designed, high quality and above all, beautiful! The poles are meticulously sourced from sustainable forests, and the bespoke fabric has been designed especially for these tents maintain its visual appeal while remaining totally weatherproof. Under the Sky Event Rentals offers completely unique and memorable tent rentals for your next wedding, party, or corporate event.

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