1. BUDGET: Think really hard about where and how you’re spending your money!

The nordic tents were our biggest expense but they honestly, provided the most value! They not only provided shelter, but they created an amazing atmosphere. And 7 years later, our guests are still talking about them. The nordic tents gave us and our guests from all over the world, a memorable experience- not just a “roof” over our heads. So in our book, they were worth every penny!


2. Details that reflect YOU!

What details can you include that show your interests & personality?

We celebrated our marriage in the UK (Can you guess which half of us is from there!?) So, along with the traditional champagne, wine and (local) beer, we served a cocktail called Pimm’s, a British institution. If you are ever lucky enough to go to the UK in the summer (and get some beautiful sunny days!) you will most likely come across it. A lot of our guests came from overseas, so it was fun to serve something that they hadn’t tried before -and something that is truly British. We also had an open fire pit in the nordic tents with a s’mores station. All the American guests were showing the Brits the proper way to make a s’more! It was a great way to get people chatting- and showcase a bit more of our personalities!

3. Make A Weekend out of it!

Make the most out of your tent rentals and make it a multi-day affair! If you’re renting tents and the venue allows (or you’re on a private space), and if time permits…have a brunch the next day! This is a great way to spend more time with everyone, especially if they came from afar and only got to see you for 5 mins on the wedding day. It was also a great way for my parents to invite some of their local friends who weren’t invited to the main event. We spent the following day lazing around in the sun drinking rosé and reliving the day before. It was a blast and one of our favorite memories of our wedding!


4. Weather (can be) Everything!

Make sure you know the weatherproof capabilities of the tent you rent. Our wedding reception was in Scotland where the weather is not exactly predictable. While thankfully it didn’t rain on the big day, it rained A LOT in the couple days before (when the tent was already up)! Had the tent not been properly weatherproof, I’m more than sure we would have run into leaks and damp areas on the inside. Nightmare! Thankfully that wasn’t an issue because of the quality nordic tent we had chosen. All in all, go with a product that offers you proven quality, strength, and of course, is water-proof!

wedding nordic tents

5. Think about your floor plan!

A good tent company should be able to provide you with a scaled drawing or diagram of your layout, so you can plan out where everything will go. We opted to have the dancefloor on the opposite end to the lounge, so that people who wanted to chat could still hear over the music. Then, in between the lounge and the dance floor was the fire pit and the bar. These became perfect central gathering places. We were able to think through all of those details because we planned out our floor plan. Using a scaled layout ensures that everything is going to fit and that you don’t have last minute stress rearranging.

We have been in your shoes!

Along with having over 150 events under our belt, we have literally been in the exact same position as you, navigating this whole outdoor wedding thing from start to finish. We can help guide you through the process and make sure that it is stress free, allowing you to enjoy being engaged and get excited about your wedding! From conducting a site visit through creating a personalized floor plan, to making sure you have rain plan A to Z and communicating a clear timeline for set up and takedown, we will make sure that worrying about anything tent related is the least of your worries. Get in touch to learn more about how we can help you get started with planning your own nordic tent wedding!