A Guide to Party Rentals for Outdoor Events

A look at what you’ll need to throw the perfect event in the great outdoors.

When planning your wedding or event, there are so many different things to consider from the venue to the food and everything in between!

Here is our essential party rental guide to help you think through each detail and ask yourself the right questions. This guide is geared toward outdoor events where you will need to use a party rental company to provide everything from tenting to décor.

The beauty of building a venue from scratch is that it really allows for a personal touch, and you will be able to decide on every detail from the silverware to the lounge furniture.

Renting Tents for Your Party

There are numerous upscale tent options on the market, from traditional white tents to something more unique such as nordic tents or sailcloth tents. We work very closely with our clients and planners to ensure that they will have the right amount of space to suit their requirements. Most party rental companies should be able to guide you in the right direction to help answer these questions:

  • Do you want the tent to provide more than just shelter? Do you want it to be atmospheric and really wow your guests?
  • How much space do you need to accommodate everything? From your guests, to catering to dance floors & bands you’ll need to account for it all and it’s easy to forget about some of the details when planning a large event.
  • If you’re planning a wedding you’ll need to determine if you need a ceremony tent as well as reception tent.
  • What is the weather like in your location? If it is unlikely to rain, you may be able to utilize some outdoor space for cocktails or even an outdoor dance floor. Having a back-up plan in case of inclement weather is always a good idea.
  • Do you want space for a bar, lounge seating or a dance floor?
  • What kind of flooring do you need? Flooring is a great way to finish off the space and is much more comfortable for guests than walking on grass (especially in heels and dress shoes!).

Once you have picked what style and size of tent is required, you will need to decide on how it will be lighted, powered and decorated to really make the tent your own unique venue. Many party rental companies will be able to provide a number of these items or work with specialists to provide some of the more custom décor such as lounge furniture, chandeliers or tableware.

lightning for outdoor nordic tent party rentals

Lighting the Space To Create An Atmosphere

Many party rental companies provide their own lighting but the good ones will give you multiple options to create a unique atmosphere.

Lighting specialists can also be brought in for more complex audio/visual projects. But think through these ideas before making any decisions:

  • What time of day is the event being held- will it go on long into the night? (like any great party!)
  • Walkways- will any areas need to be lighted to guide guests to bathrooms or other areas?
  • Dimmers- these are a great way to add atmosphere, soft lighting is always more flattering.
  • Spotlights- do you need anything highlighted? The cake, people making speeches, photographs?
  • Candlelight- always a lovely touch, especially on tables, just make sure to check with your party rental company that they allow candles to be used in tents and on tables.
  • Chandeliers- these can act as both lighting and a statement piece and can range from something like an antler chandelier to a custom made installation and centerpiece.
  • Dance Floor- Do you need any colored lighting for the dance floor? Even using one different color as up-lighting can be a great way to differentiate the dance floor from the rest of the tent.
bar in teepee for outdoor event

Power Your Party (Literally)

When talking about lighting it makes sense to also think of power needs. Unless there is a property with ample power that can be used, you may need to hire a generator. Just make sure it is extra quiet and has enough power to supply all your vendors. Most party rental companies will help you decide what size you need in order to make sure there is plenty of power- no one wants a black out to stop a dance party from breaking out!

This is who/what will typically need power:

  • Catering
  • Lighting
  • The band/ DJ
  • Heaters (if needed)
  • Any other audio/visual aspects
decor for nordic tent wedding

Furniture and Décor Rental to Complete the Room!

Once you have the tent and it’s ready and lighted, you need to make it your own! We love both Yonder House and Eclectic Hive for their uber-talented creative eye and amazing selection of items. They will take your vision and transform your tent into the venue of your dreams.

  • Dining- what kind of tables do you need? Tables can have a large impact on the aesthetic of the party. Try to match them to the style of your event. We love the rustic farm tables from The Harvest Table Company. They are beautiful as well as functional and made in the USA (Colorado more specifically, our home state).
  • Lounge areas are the perfect way to add a separate social space for guests and really pick some décor that compliments the theme of the event.
  • Bar and cocktail tables- We love a bar in our nordic tents- it’s always an ideal mingling spot and who doesn’t love having properly mixed drinks and perfectly cold beer!
  • Dance Floor- in our opinion- a must! Just make sure it’s big enough to get most of your guests dancing and isn’t too far from the bar!
  • Table décor- alongside floral arrangements, you will need to think about how you want your tables to look. Higher end party rental companies will have a more interesting selection of silverware, glassware and linens that will help put your personal stamp on the tables.

We hope this has been a helpful start, please don’t hesitate to get in touch for a customized quote and start building your dream event space!